The language training center

Specific Business Courses / Workshops

Our portfolio of personal training development and self- management courses in the form of workshops is geared to develop the skills necessary for team-building, problem solving, speaking naturally, confidently and effectively.

Make oral and written communication work for you.

Presentation & Negotiation Skills

 “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”

(W.B. Yeats)

Do you know that American and British presenters and audiences appreciate humor?

Do you always have a win-win outcome when negotiating? These specific courses are designed to evaluate and improve your management skills and achieve positive results. Our “Voice Coaching” will certainly enhance and magnify the effects of your presentations, negotiations and meetings.

Workshop 1: How to Make Winning Presentations (2 days)


To define your objectives, plan and prepare presentations based on measurable aims.
Make your presentations more convincing and eye-catching.

Workshop 2: How to Conduct Negotiations Successfully (2 days)


To achieve positive results through your own terms and goals. 
Success factors in effective negotiations.

Workshop 3: Speech Training and Voice Coaching (5 hours)


For clarity, live on the phone and webcam.
Acquire and alternate speech delivery without changing or losing your identity.

Communication Skills:

“Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing”

(Robert Benchley, Humorist 1889)

“Working together means speaking together.” Our “The Basics” is an analysis of personal attitudes and conduct while the two other courses focus on how your team functions, and team related conflict situations.

“I never write “metropolis” for seven cents because I can get the same price for “city.”
I never write “policeman” because I can get the same money for “cop.”

(Mark Twain)

Workshop 4: Business Writing Skills - Emails/Letters/Reports/Minutes (2 half days) 


What or how shall I write: formal vs. informal?
To improve the quality of everything you write from tone, grammar, usage and more. Structure your writing. Write effectively.

Workshop 5: Communicating Effectively- The Basics (2 half days)


Focus is on the analysis of personal attitudes and conduct. Know your own patterns of behavior.

Workshop 6: Working and Cooperating in Teams (2 days)


Focus is on more effective cooperation on teams - recognizing and optimizing how your team functions.

Workshop 7: From Conflict to Cooperation (3 days)


Focus is on how to behave in the face of conflicts, to manage and to use them in a constructive way.

Management Techniques:

Are meetings frustrating but necessary? Structure your meetings.

Our two “techniques” workshops focus on working creatively and effectively, individually or in teams. Increase your efficiency through our latest tips and tricks. Both courses when wished can solve problems through unconventional means of thinking.

“Work smarter - not harder.”

Workshop 8: How to Hold Successful Meetings (2 half days)


To give action tips and guidelines.
To evaluate and improve your meeting skills.

Workshop 9: Creativity Techniques-Fostering Creativity in Workaday Life (2 days)


To discover and become aware of your creative potential and how to use them to tackle challenges at work.

Workshop 10: Working Techniques- To Fulfill Complex Tasks Efficiently (2 days)


How to accomplish complex tasks, optimize work processes and procedures.